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Spice Bazaar

Spice Bazaar

Istanbul, which seduces on even a brief stay, is now beginning to emerge as a “capital of tastes“. Its culinary richness is probably due to the role the city played in the time of the Eastern Roman Empire first, when it was the giant cellar and spice depot for Western Rome, and in the Ottoman period then, when it became the meeting-point of all the culinary cultures of Mesopotamia. With these special features, Istanbul today has begun to take its place among world tourism destinations. Visitors to Istanbul can enjoy not only an extremely rich culinary culture with roots going back thousand of years, but at the same time contemporary flavors. Whether you prefer the traditional flavors or are an adventurer seeking new departures in eating and drinking, you can experience a full-scale of tastes in the markets of Istanbul. The rich variety of fruits and vegetables will literally dazzle your eyes, and a wide range of fish, caught in the Black Sea, the Marmara or the Mediterranean Sea, are available at the city’s wholesale fish markets. The Egyptian or Spice Bazaar is my favourite one, a must-see for every tourist who come to Istanbul. You won’t believe your eyes when you see the array of spices, lokoum and dried fruits and nuts at this market, a “temple of taste” and incredible scents, say nothing of the thousands colours! Every tourist comes back home with a picture of the colorful spices and fruits neatly arranged in this typical turkish market. So, enjoy Istanbul’s markets and its tastes, colours and scents!


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